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Imagine a life where

you feel great... 

Without pain, hormones or illness holding you back

This could be you in less than 6 months

from this very moment..

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                    My story

Back in 2012 I nearly died. After 7 days in the hospital I was released with no answers and $50,000 more in debt. I had 0 energy, could barely function, was not sleeping and at a complete loss. 

Disappointed with what western medicine had to offer, I began to seek after a more natural way to heal my body. After years of search and trying various things, I finally found something that worked! Within 6 months my hormones and digestion were regulated, I had more energy that when I was 20 and my life dramatically changed forever! I was so inspired by this change that I decided to change my entire career path and help others get these same results. So I'm here to tell you.. 

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My son Levi and a very exhausted me on the farm in 2015

There is a better way! 


In the last 8 years there have been some MAJOR advancements in what alternative medicine has to offer. It is simply too good and too effective to not share with you. Since starting my wellness journey I have seen hundreds of people heal their digestive system, regulate their hormones and build an awesome body. These results are not unique or rare, they happen to everybody, every time. This simply put, is not another false promise. These are Real people with Real results. Don't take my word for it though, here is what some of our clients have to say!


Hans J. 

Giving a BIG SHOUT OUT to Graham Eldred and the body renewal work he does at Health Tabernacle!! I had a nasty injury (dislocated rib?) that felt like a knife in the back with every breath. This had been going on for a week and I was starting to lose my mind and cause everyone around me to lose theirs too - NO JOKE and NOT nice. Graham Eldred was able to get the pain under control and get me on the road to recovery. This is NEXT GENERATION body realignment anti-aging technology!!!


Elaine H.

I highly recommend Health Tabernacle! Graham truly and honestly cared about helping me get my life back ! I went from being sick with a sinus infection for five months and missing lots of work . To following his recommendations and feeling like a brand new person in a week! Lay all fears aside and jump into a life of health and joyful living! 
All I can say is Graham saved my life and he will do the same for you !


Erin H. DC

Graham Eldred is the real deal. I came to him with a good amount of pain and a total skeptic. My head literally felt like it was detached from the rest of my body. After 5 days of treatment my spine was feeling properly aligned and my horrific pain that I had previously had went from a 10 to less than a 1 on the pain scale. I can hardly wait for another treatment to have him help me with the numbness and tingling in my right hand. That is nothing compared to the symptoms prior to care that I was experiencing. Graham is truly a master at his craft and truly loves people and wants to seem them well!

Thanks Graham for delivering the finest!

Natoli K.jpg

Natoli Krouse

"Hi Im Natoli and I just wanted to share my testimony with you! I am just thoroughly amazed at all the changes I've seen. I've been following the program for 8 months and I can't even believe the results. There are so many improvements with headaches and posture. My back doesn't even look the same. I am really excited to see what else is going to happen. Because of having scoliosis, the curve in my back did not look normal and my shoulder stuck out nearly 3 inches. It was always very uncomfortable. I never knew what it felt like to feel normal, but thanks to Graham I'm starting to find out! I'll never forget the first time I layed on the beach and could actually lay flat on my back! I am living proof that scoliosis can change and that there's hope!" 


Alex W.

It is hard to know where to start with how blessed my family is to have met Graham and his wife. JUST WOW! Graham truly wants to see you healed. He truly helps you get to the ROOT of whatever illness or ailment that you may have. He is simply the real deal and you will feel results after your first session with him. You will leave confident and excited knowing that there is someone out there who is truly helping people be their best and healthiest self.

Thank you, Graham! My life will never be the same since walking in your door!

Isn't it time to take back control of your health? 


      6 months from now you can be dealing with the same old problems in your body OR you can be experiencing what these and thousands of others have experienced. The choice is yours. It's time to get your life back and put you in the driver's seat of your body again. I look forward to working with you and seeing your very own transformation happen.  - Graham