Bowel Nosodes

Chances are if you're reading this, your thinking to yourself "what on earth is a bowel nosode"? Today we are going to discuss the topic and how a bowel nosode might be the exact thing that your body needs to deal with short or long standing gastrointestinal issues.

The History -

Bach in the early 1900's two men by the names of Edwin Bach (creator of Bach flower essences) and Charles Wheeler (Pictured below) made a profound discover. They began studying the fecal samples of chronically ill patients and discovered a commonality amongst them all. Of the 500-1000 bacterial types found in the human gut, 11 various strains were found to be greatly elevated among these chronically ill clients. The two set out to create a vaccine that would work to counteract these bacteria. Ironically, what they ended up creating is what we know today as Homeopathic Bowel Nosodes.

In a clinical trial in Japan during the 1900's " Bowel nosodes made from the intestinal bacteria of European patients from the 1900s were administered to Japanese patients suffering from gastrointestinal disturbances, such as constipation and diarrhea, to determine their therapeutic efficacy. Twenty-eight outpatients from Yoko Clinic (11 males, 17 females; age range, 4–72 years) were enrolled in this study. One nosode remedy was selected for each case. Patients took six pills for 2 days. After a month, the effect of each treatment was evaluated using the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital Outcome Scale (grade +4 to −4). Patient number of each grade was +4 (N = 2), +3 (N = 4), +2 (N = 7), +1 (N = 3), 0 (N = 7), with no negative grades. Of the 23 patients analyzed, 69.6% showed some type of improvement, and no harmful effects from taking bowel nosodes were observed; 26% of patients showed major improvement or were “cured.”"

Their conclusion? "It is difficult to find correct constitutional remedies as they often require high-level techniques and time. Since there are only 11 main bowel nosode remedies, they are easier to choose from and cheaper to use and develop than classical constitutional remedies. Herein, 69.6% of dysbiotic patients taking bowel nosodes showed improvements, and no harmful effects were reported by any patient. These results suggest that the homeopathic bowel nosodes are a useful method for controlling gastrointestinal disturbances."

So how important is gut health? It's REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT

Just watch this >>>>>

You heard that right... The bacteria in your gut outnumber the rest of the cells in your body 10 to 1. That is INCREDIBLE. That means 90% of our body is gut bacteria and the other 10% is everything else. So my question is, if something is off in the gut, how much of the rest of the body is it effecting?

Unfortunately today we live in a world where many things poorly affect our gut health..

Not just that, but it turns out your gut controls many parts of your brain. Perhaps you've heard of the "gut brain connection before? Did you know depression and mental illness can all originate from the gut?

So how do you know what gut bacteria is off in your body?? (especially since you can't find testing for this anywhere else in the United States)

The answer? You don't. However, thanks to the morphogenic field, we can find out exactly which nosode resonates with your gut. By testing the bowel nosodes on the field, we now have another heavy hitting tool to help your body heal long standing gut problems. We are making leaps and bounds in help to facilitate healthy happy members here at Health Tabernacle. So what are you waiting for??? Come find out if your body resonates with the bowel nosodes. Call (484)928-0238 for more information!

Resources -

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