To save a Life

Elysa was 10 years old when when she experienced a bilateral frontal lobe brain trauma from an accidental baseball bat hit. Her brain bounced back and forth within her skull, she hemorrhaged on both sides of her brain. As a result she lost facial movement on the right side for a time. Since that time she has struggled with depression, social anxiety, short and long term memory recall, and certain executive functioning that includes reasoning, focus and attention. By the time Elysa turned 18 she experienced a catatonic episode in which she was unable to eat, swallow or even move. She also experienced hallucinations at this time. She has been hospitalized 9 times within two years in which doctors at 7 different hospitals have 'trialed and error-ed' on over 17 various medications, almost all of which resulted in traumatic experiences for her and increased her toxic load. When she goes into a catatonic episode, she has to be hospitalized and given injections till they can bring her out of it. She's been so afraid of being hospitalized again and hates taking the medications, yet so frustrated with what's been happening to her, that she has tried to commit suicide five times.

Here are some examples of what happens when Elysa enters into a Catatonic state. This is now happening quite frequently.

Video 1 is the first time of catatonic state. It's similar to having a writings

Video 2 is an example of what's called a negative Catatonic state. This is where Elysa is stuck in repetitive motion, while still being unreachable.

Due to the severity of this state, Elysa has to have someone with her at all times. Her mom Carrie looks after her 24 hours a day to care for her and has experienced many sleepless nights. This has taken a toll on her adrenals, emotions and physical health as well.

A picture of Carrie and Elysa in a non-catatonic state

Elysa has some "good" days where she is alert, then there are hormonal shifts which triggers catatonic episodes despite the medications. She requires daily care with reminders, redirection, and help with her short term and long term recall. Elysa who is now 21 has become extremely depressed as the catatonic episodes are become worse and more frequent. She desires to work, go to college, and create fashion designs. She also would like to be married and one day have children.

At Health Tabernacle we fully believe in complete natural and supernatural healing. We also know that sometimes it takes a community effort to make that happen. This is why we are asking for you help. We are looking to raise enough money to be able to transport Elysa and her mom Carrie here to the center where we can help facilitate healing from all they have been through. In order to do that we need to help cover...

1. Airfare

2. Hotel

3. Supplements

4. Services

Our total need for 3 weeks of care is about $10,000.

With your help, this is easily reachable. Not only can you help us change Elysa's life, but you can help save it.

We are stepping out in faith and action to make this happen, but cannot do it without you. So on behalf of everyone involved in this, thank you for your prayers and financial support.

To give, simply click "Donate" at the bottom of this page. As soon as we have enough to cover airfare we will be flying them out. From there we will continue to raise support to cover all other needs.

I will be doing another blog to help keep our members updated, but in the meantime you can follow her story and progress @

Thank you for your support.

- Graham T. Eldred

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